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Sister DeLourdes Fahy welcomes you to

the  Kiltartan Gregory Museum at Kiltartan Cross


Watch the video and learn about the Museum's

origins and importance                               

What's New?

Summer Time Opening Hours 

The Kiltartan Gregory Museum is open daily from 11 am to 5 pm  in July and August.


Contact Rena + 353 86 825 2164 to book your tour Contact us here!

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Welcome to the Official Kiltartan Gregory Museum Website!

Order Sr. de Lourdes Fahy's book and learn about local history and genealogy


Kiltartan, Many Leaves One Root

Book Review by Sister DeLourdes Fahy Kiltartan Many Leaves One Root

When asked what was the principal source of her inspiration, Lady Gregory of Coole Park promptly replied:” Kiltartan, my own village, it has done everything for me”.

The book : Kiltartan, Many Leaves, One Root, Shows how Kiltartan is a truly inspirational place. It is rare to find three heritage centres in a small parish but Kiltartan is proud of The Gregory Museum at famed Kiltartan Cross, W.B. Yeats’s Thoor Ballylee and Coole Park which Yeats claimed was the most beautiful place in the world.

The book gives one a sense of place and the extensive genealogical sources are an invaluable help in tracing one’s roots.


The diaspora , through the medium of The Ireland Reaching Out website will savour every line of this book. Every road, field, ruin and well has a story to tell and this is supplemented by authentic, written primary sources. This book can be recommended without reservation.

Order Your Copy Today - We have satisfied customers worldwide.

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