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Thank you for visiting our website! Are you interested in learning more about the local History of Kiltartan in the Burren Lowlands, the story of Lady Gregory, the literary revival, her links with the poet Yeats, stories from the past and much more?


Kiltartan Many leaves, One Root 

Written by local historian and genealogist Sister de Lourdes Fahy, the book Kiltartan, Many Leaves One Root is an incredible resource, as it gives a chronological overview of Irish history and integrates this with the local history of the Kiltartan area, and the wider area of South Galway and North Clare.

If you are interested to trace your family roots, the book Kiltartan Many Leaves One Root, has an extensive record of family names over the centuries you will not find anywhere else.

It's a hardback book, the book weights just over 1 kg, so it's quite heavy!

Book Charge: 15 Euro

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USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand : 27 Euro

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