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Donations to our Museum

Twenty five years ago, the Kiltartan Gregory Museum and Picnic Park was officially opened by President Mary Robinson, with Lady Gregory’s grandchildren, Catherine and Anne (“Me and Nu“) in attendance. Since then, the museum has attracted thousands of visitors over the years, due to the hard work and dedication of the Kiltartan Gregory Cultural Society and its volunteers.


Located at Kiltartan Cross, made famous by W.B. Yeats, the museum is a former school house, which was built at the behest of Sir William Gregory, Lady Gregory's husband, in 1892. As well as containing artifacts relating to Lady Gregory and Coole House, it is a centre for local history, folklore, genealogy, education and research. The preservation of an early twentieth century classroom is also a featured attraction.


The attractive adjoining Picnic Park, featuring a copper beech tree planted by “Me and Nu“, has been a venue for celebratory picnics, music, lectures, launches and leisure activities over the years. In the past year, it became a place for families to walk, kick a ball or have a coffee at one of the picnic tables. A specially inscribed stone seat to the memory of Geoffrey O'Byrne White, great grandnephew of Lady Gregory, also features.


We would very much appreciate your kind donations by filling in below form! 

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