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Beech Tree at Kiltartan Gregory Museum

In the picnic area of Kiltartan Gregory Museum Kiltartan Cross, stands a beautiful copper beech tree, planted by Lady Gregory’s granddaughters, Catherine and Anne ( Me and Nu ) and Rena McAllen on the occasion of the official opening of the museum, by President Robinson, in 1996.

For the past twenty four years the museum has been managed and run by the Kiltartan Gregory Cultural Society , and a hard working group of volunteers, who keep the door open to visitors from season to season.

The museum depends entirely on footfall as a source of income. This year, 2020, will prove difficult for the group. As a result of restrictions, posed by the Government due to Covid 19, the museum cannot be opened to the public.

The Society would welcome any donations, large or small, to help with ongoing outlay for this year.

We miss opening our little gem of a museum and welcoming the many visitors who love to visit here.

We look forward to brighter days ahead.


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